Ladakh: Life at the Top of the World

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Ladakh is renowned for its remote Himalayan beauty and culture.  Tranquility and stunning scenery balance the frenetic energy found in much of the rest of India.  Ladakh’s colorful ancient monasteries, such as the Diskit Monastery, its villages nestled in lush orchards, and its mysterious snow leopards are timeless. Ladakh has a magical austerity and warmth that the writer Andrew Harvey calls “the peaceful life”.  Here in Ladakh is one of the most traditional and fascinating Tibetan Buddhist communities.

The soaring Himalayas protect Ladakh from the clouds of rain that blanket much of India during the monsoon season.  The Himalayas create in Ladakh a stunning high altitude desert landscape framed by the Indus River quietly flowing along the valley floor.

For nine centuries, Ladakh was an independent mountain kingdom greatly influenced by Tibet.  Most of the man-made tourist attractions are tied to Tibetan Buddhist culture.  The architecture of the homes and monasteries of Ladakh is almost identical to that of Tibet.  The strict class structures found in much of India as well are significantly less pronounced in Ladakh and more in line with those found in Tibet.

While snow leopard spottings are a rare treat, visitors to Ladakh can observe many fascinating bird species as they  migrate in the summer from warmer parts of India.

To explore Ladakh, we help you plan an excellent cultural tour, great trekking program, or a mix of both.  We find the tour that gives you a comfortable length of time for trekking or sightseeing each day.  However, the advantage of an independent trip (arranged to your specifications) is that you can control the program and decide when you want to complete the sightseeing or walking.  Whether you are joining a group or independent tour, we recommend an extra day or two in Leh to become used to the altitude, over 11, 000 feet.  Be aware that altitude sickness can also develop from rapid shifts in altitude.

One way to see Ladakh for the first time is a cultural tour that combines the remote Himalayan region with more familiar areas of India such as: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.  Highlights of Ladakh cultural tours include spectacular Buddhist wall paintings at the Alchi monastery and visiting magnificent monasteries such as Hemis, and Thiksey, often when there are festivals. 

Or choose a comprehensive overview of Ladakh to experience both cultural and trekking experiences.   In addition to seeing the monasteries, trekking enables you to visit numerous small villages, and allows you time to absorb the magnificent Himalayan landscape.  The standard time for trekking each day is four to eight hours at a comfortable pace with frequent stops for rest and refreshment.

The price per person for the tours, with double occupancy, includes five star and boutique hotels; airport transfers; entrance fees; private guides; driver and private transportation; breakfasts; and gratuities.  We also have a number of single accommodations available for an additional fee.


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Monastic Scholar, Ladakha, India

Monastic Scholar, Ladakha, India



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